The Strategy That Attracted 1.6 MILLION Visitors

In 2006, in a bid to reverse a decline in search engine traffic, I spent over $8000 on a comprehensive search engine optimisation training course.

The result...?

Between Sep 2007 and Nov 2010 I drove over 1.6 million targeted visitors to my niche website.

During that period, along with two colleagues, I launched Lucid SEO, a manual that condensed SEO strategy down to the fundamentals. Its goal was to allow anyone to drive search engine traffic, without the need to understand every last inch of search engine science.

The Lucid SEO technique is so stable that, incredibly, the strategy still works in 2012!

But rather than just re-release the same content with a new graphic, I've over-hauled the Lucid SEO manual and, if anything, made it even simpler to absorb, understand and apply.

The Lucid SEO manual includes:

  • The simple truth about SEO that most experts try to hide and that explains why even Google doesn't know everything about its own search engine.

  • Why the vast majority of business owners don't attempt SEO (and in many cases don't even know it exists).

  • The 4 SEO myths that you must explode BEFORE you start.

  • How to give search engines exactly what they're looking for.

  • The three elements of onsite SEO that you must get right, on EVERY webpage, to stand a chance.

  • 4 simple techniques for evergreen link-building and the tools that will allow you to build faster and smarter.

  • A complete SEO schedule - print this out and use it as a guide to completing all your SEO tasks in order or priority.

People paid as much as $200 for access to the original Lucid SEO course, but this stripped-down, no fuss, no padding edition, is available today for just $47 $27.

Click below to obtain your copy of Lucid SEO 2012 and if you're not absolutely satisfied, I'm pleased to provide a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Lucid SEO Manual

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