The Lucid SEO-Powered Website Template
Available For The FIRST Time!

Every aspect of the basic, and advanced, Lucid SEO strategies have been incorporated into one, finely-tuned website template.

It's the same template that powers this website - you can see an additional example HERE.

The Lucid SEO Website Template includes:

  • The CSS stylesheet that keeps file sizes small and ensures pages load lightning-quick.

  • The CSS magic that places your unique content at the top of the code, and the template, out of the way, at the bottom.

  • The "Menu Hover Trick" that allows you to easily add additional keywords to your menu items without taking up valuable page real-estate.

  • The simple link strategy that makes it simple to add additional links to your most important pages.

The Lucid SEO website template has never been made publicly available until now and is particularly suited for information-rich websites.

If you're comfortable with editing HTML templates, you'll have no problem customising the template to your needs. Otherwise, I recommend hiring a freelance designer on Elance. The template is fully-formed, so you can expect to hire someone to customise the template for very little additional expense.

Click below to obtain your copy of the Lucid SEO Website Template and if you're not absolutely satisfied, I'm pleased to provide a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Lucid SEO Website Template

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